AILISI is inspired by the true romantic story of a pair of lovers who met and fell in love.

The girl is looking for a bracelet with her name engraved on the beach, which carries the girl's ideals and beliefs.

A boy on the beach picked up a bracelet engraved with A•I•L•I•S•I. On this day, the bracelet connected their fate, and this bracelet was also a gift for the girl in the vast crowd. , brought the most sincere love in her life.

"Alice" means self-confidence, independence, and dignity. The French pronunciation AILISI is the name given to herself by the heroine when she was studying in Paris, France. She believes that girls are independent, confident, noble and elegant. Therefore, the brand concept of AILISI is to provide girls with more fashionable and personalized choices allow girls to convey confidence and elegance in the accessories they wear every day, and hope to convey unexpected sweetness and happiness to girls in their lives.

AILISI's jewellery style is mainly fashion and luxury. Our high-end jewellery and accessories series have been carefully selected. Whether you are dressing up for a special occasion or just looking for a little bright spot in your daily life, we can provide you with suitable jewellery. Jewellery brings unlimited possibilities to noble girls. The fashionable and luxurious brand atmosphere makes AILISI an indispensable element for girls' daily collocation.